Dr. Erena Rangimarie Rere Omaki Ransfield-Rhoese



Dr. Erena Rangimarie Rere Omaki Ransfield-Rhoese


is a Maori woman native of Aotearoa (New Zealand), who has lived in Sweden for 30 years, married to a Swedish husband.

Her Maori name means “flying, hopping peace star”

Erena is the daughter of paramount chiefs of the Ngati Kahungunu, Raukawa, and member of the royal family from the Waikato tribe.

She is a guardian carrier of tribal knowledge and a doctor of traditional Maori medicine.
She travels back to Aotearoa regularly.

Erena has been invited to many countries to speak at conferences,
about her cultural concept of the earth - mother earth.
She lectures at Karlstad University on the subject of ecology-philosophy (ekosofi).

Erena is an independent  Knowledge Network Expert

at the United Nations (Harmony with Nature).

Erena has been a guest of many spiritual leaders:
His Holiness John Paul 2nd, of the Vatican State.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama, of Tibet.
Amrita Ananda May from India.
David Swallow, sun dance chief, medicine man from the Lakota Nation of North America.
Papa Elie Hien, the late Shaman form Burkina Faso,
Nardia Steppenova, a Shaman from Mongolia.
Lars Pirak from Lapland, oil painter , Saame song joik, Saame hand craft, and story teller.
Cecilia Persson actor, Saame song joik.
Elizabeth Heilman Blind, mask dancer from Greenland.