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The 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro recognized that indigenous peoples have a vital role to play in environmental management and development because of their traditional knowledge and practices.

The Living Rainforest in England invited me to participate in discussions and presentations for ten days to promote the protection of our sacred Mother Earth from a Native American perspective.
By Danny Beaton;
Turtle Clan Mohawk Nation

...This rock drawing, shows part of the Hopi prophecy. There are two paths. The first with high technology but separate from natural and spiritual law leads to these jagged lines representing chaos. The lower path is one that remains in harmony with natural law. Here we see a line that represents a choice like a bridge joining the paths. If we return to spiritual harmony and live from our hearts we can experience a paradise in this world. If we continue only on this upper path, we will come to destruction....

...My Maori culture
 is little known throughout the world yet it contains much spiritual wisdom and earth sense.
The destiny of humanity is intimately tied up with the destiny of the earth. Alarming signs are appearing in nature. Floods, earthquakes, insects, mad animals. These are all signs of imbalances within the Earth’s life-field. The Earth will re-balance itself. It will detoxify all the physical and psychic pollutants. Whether we as humans are the cure or the cause of the earth’s disease, the next 10-20 years will be the telling. As an old man, I will live to see the birth of a new consciousness or the death of humanity on a global scale. What we do to the earth, we do to ourselves.
How will you know what to do? Because it feels right. It makes earth sense. It aligns with your own inner truths about life, nature and humanity. We must each become a force for good. We become champions for humanity. Binding together like the root systems that hold together the earth. ..
Hirini Reedy Tu Strategies Ltd

...Huichol... life is a continuous cycle of ritual and devotional exercises designed to help them stay connected to the Ancient Ones-Tate Wari (Grandfather Fire), Takutsi Nakawey (Grandmother Growth), Kauyumari (our brother, the Deer Spirit), and Tatei Yurianaka (Mother Earth), among others. The Huichols say that during ceremony, they are inviting these spirits to come into the circle of life to be with them- to help empower them and their families, and to help the universe stay in balance....